Breaking Glass At A Wedding

As a symbol of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem the glass reminds us of. The glass then is broken to protect the marriage with the implied prayer As this glass shatters so may your marriage never break.


The most traditional association with the breaking of the glass is the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem.

Breaking glass at a wedding. The crash of glass ends the hush of mythic time under the huppah and the world rushes in. But it is actually a traditional symbol with much more of a religious significance. It is smashed under foot by the groom after the seven benedictions or after the rabbis address if it follows the benedictions.

After the couple is pronounced husband and wife a Jewish wedding glass is placed on the ground and with a stamp the groom crushes the glass and the guests shout MAZAL TOV But what does this tradition mean and wh. Some customs placed it after the betrothals but our western tradition. We conclude this ceremony with the Breaking of the Glass.

The Jewish wedding is a finely detailed process with hundreds of different customs and traditions. The shattered glass at a Jewish wedding in observant Judaism is a custom that commemorates the. Why break a glass at a Jewish wedding.

A ketubah is a premarital contract that details a brides rights during the marriage in case her husband dies. After a Jewish groom or gives the bride the ring at the end of the ceremony traditionally chatan breaks a glass wine goblet wrapped in a towel or velvet pouch crushing it with his right foot and the guests shout congratulations on the union. The breaking of the glass at the end of a wedding ceremony serves to remind us of two very important aspects of a marriage.

Breaking the Glass at a Jewish Wedding in Orthodox Judaism Shattered glass. For centuries breaking the glass implicitly symbolized breaking the hymen which is why it was so important that the groom succeed. It therefore represents a vow of fidelity one to the other and no other will enter into it.

Presumably a spare drinking glass was easily. In Jewish tradition the Breaking of the Glass at a wedding is a symbolic prayer and hope that your love for one another will remain until the pieces of the glass come together again or in other words that your love will last forever. When he saw that the Rabbis were getting carried away in their rejoicing he brought out a crystal glass and broke it before them and they became subdued The authors of the Tosefot state that this is the source for the breaking of the glass at weddings.

What is the significance of this act. The breaking of the glass is one of the most beloved traditions of a Jewish wedding ceremony. This is assured by its destruction.

Morgan and Max chose to have a Breaking of the Glass Ceremony as they wanted to include an element in their wedding that reflected Maxs Jewish heritage but without including any overtly. 18Doors is here to support interfaith couples and. In the past few years the practice of shouting mazal tov after they break the glass has elicited some controversy.

We learn from this that even at an occasion of. Dear Rabbi At a Jewish wedding the groom places the glass under his foot and smashes it into several pieces. There are multiple interpretations for the symbolism of this event.

The glass also has several symbolic meanings associated with the wedding. Traditionally it is the man that stomps on the glass followed by a loud Mazel tov. The breaking of the Jewish wedding glass is one of the most beloved traditions of a Jewish wedding.

The end of the public wedding ceremony is marked by the breaking of a glass usually a thin glass wrapped in a napkin to contain the fragments. Broken glass a sign of fidelity My understanding is that a covenant between the husband and wife to drink of the same cup and no other will drink from it. Everyone exhales claps and shouts Mazel tov The celebration begins.

Stephen Australia July 15 2015. Whatever the case as soon as the glass is broken everyone in attendance joyously shouts Mazel tov and the wedding ends in raucous singing and celebrating. But the breaking of the glass is also a warning of the fragility of a marriage.

Breaking the glass is the last actother than a kiss under the wedding canopythat is performed in public thus confirming the happy couples mutual consent to spend the rest of their lives together. The Breaking of the Glass Ceremony is a Jewish wedding tradition that dates back to the writing of the Talmud and has been interpreted in many ways. I have a friend who is soon to be married and he asked me this question.

You can break any kind of glass. While most folks use an empty wine glass some people use a light bulb. But why a glass.

Thanks so much for this service. Its a custom thats defined Jewish weddings for centuries. The breaking of the glass at the end of the Jewish wedding ceremony is quite possibly the most well-known tradition that takes place at Jewish weddings.

The sound of the breaking glass is the last part of the wedding. One of the most iconic ones is breaking a glass. Breaking of the Glass Option 1.

Rav Ashi made a wedding for his son. This goblet was created especially for the treasured moment when the BRIDE and GROOM sanctify their marriage. Return to the Jewish Wedding Guide for Interfaith Couples or view as a PDF.

The breaking of the glass signifies that the couple has been successfully wed and that the party celebrating their nuptials is about to begin. Breaking of the Glass Ceremony Script 1. The Bride and Groom and everyone should consider these marriage vows as permanent and final as the breaking of this glass is unchangeable.

Frailty of the glass also suggests the frailty of human relationships. The important thing is to wrap the object up in cloth a napkin is usually not big enough so that no one gets. This ancient practice has been interpreted in many ways.

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